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The Goblin Door

made by graham


Within the depth of a cave, after following a tunnel with evidence of fresh Goblin tracks, the characters come upon a dead end. At the end of the tunnel, where it would seem the cave should continue, there is an inscription scratched onto the wall in messy, misspelled, characters. As the players inspect the inscription they realize that it is actually very poorly written common tongue.

The inscription reads:

“Wooshy washy splashy wet. Yell secret word door open”

The goblins have set this up as a trap, and there actually is no secret word, or door. No matter how hard the players try, they cannot see evidence of the door, or key hole, cracks, etc.

As the players start yelling water related words the goblins become aware that there are invaders at their trap and they lineup at the actual secret door about 30 feet away from the dead end. After a few minutes the goblins attack. The amount of goblins need to be adjusted to your game.


Proceed past this obstacle.

Puzzle Type: Logic



Solution Method: Deductive Reasoning


If the players try a perception check and score high they can notice that there are no goblin tracks approaching the place near the letters.

Success criteria:

The players find the actual secret entrance the goblins are using and get to surprise attract the goblins.

Failure consequences:

The goblins perform a surprise attack on the players.

Timelimit in minutes:


Optional info:

A character such as a goblin mage should be within to explain how they pulled of this trickery.

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