As an RPG player and DM, I have often found myself searching the internet for ideas to make my game more interesting and unique. There are many good places to find game ideas, such as forums and modules, but there has not been a place that caters to players sharing ideas and items that worked well in their games in a collaborative community such as this. Things such as memorable weapons or puzzles can add a lot of value to a game experience, and sharing these ideas in a free player run environment is the foundation of this site.

Making Items

All items are user created using fields that generally represent common RPG characteristics. This is to provide flexibility and support across multiple RPG platforms, and flexibility when creating items. Since each platform has specific ways of handling item characteristics, such as magic items, the Description field is a good place to clarify these details. If an item has a specific characteristic that can be specified in a word or two, such as "Fire Damage", or "Magic Item", please include that detail as a Tag when creating the item. This will allow users to easily identify special characteristics of your items, and quickly search for them.

Once you have created your item it is yours and no one but you can change it! Everyone can see your item, and comment on it, choose to add it to their favorites, etc., but the item is yours to manage. As the keeper of your item it is recommended to view user comments for feedback and respond to the community when they have questions or suggestions for improvement, or ways they can adapt your item into their specific RPG.

Favorite Items

While searching through the community for items when you stumble upon an item the peeks your interest feel free to 'Favorite' that item by clicking on the Star Icon. This will add it to your list of Favorites and make it easy to find in the future.


If you find that a certain user has peeked your interest, be it through their amazing items, or good comments, you can view a comprehensive list of the items they have created by going to the User tab and searching for them. This will allow you to view their Dashboard and see their items as well as when they last logged in.


What RPG site would be complete without a Forum? This is a great place to share your experience with users, share item and puzzle ideas, and propose new ideas for this site.

Ideas for the next release

Ideas for the next release include:

Ideas for this site?

If you have ideas for this site and would like to share your improvement ideas please post them in the Forum or email me. Currently, this site is a basic model of a Content Management System for RPGs, but if there is good interest in what we are doing here we can expand its content and support.


Contact me: monsoonbox @ hot mail dot com