Welcome to ElmRPG (Beta)

ElmRPG is designed to provide D&D, and other RPG enthusiasts a resource for tracking, creating, and gathering ideas for developing their games.

As a Game Master, I have spent time combing the internet for ideas to inspire my games and I built this site as a place where users can share ideas to bring to their game nights. ElmRPG will be free, and allow users the ability to look at items and game ideas created by users. All items created are visible by other users in an effort to promote a sense of community and inspire creativity.

This site is in its Beta version, meaning that while it is expected to run correctly you may encounter issues. If you do I would like to hear about them. Please see my contact information on the information page.

I am also interested in hearing your honest feedback about if you think this site is useful, or not, to gamers and DM's, and if you could find yourself using it. If you have ideas for features that you think would improve the site I would like to hear about them. Keep in mind I am just one person and work on this site in my free time. Any honest feedback, positive or negative, is welcome.

Happy gaming!